Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

I absolutely love the Polar Express movie! We watch it several times a year, all year long because it is so magical and sweet! I wanted to do something creative with my favorite Polar Express Bell quote in that movie, and look what we came up with! A Polar Express Bell Quote Sign made with the Cricut! This is easy to make and will make your home more magical for the upcoming holiday season!

Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

Here are a couple of quotes that we just love, from the Polar Express Movie:

*”Just Remember, The True Spirit Of Christmas Lies In Your Heart.”

*”The Thing About Trains… It Doesn’t Matter Where They’re Going. What Matters Is Deciding To Get On.”

*”I Believe.

*”Seeing Is Believing, But, Sometimes, The Most Real Things In The World Are The Things We Can’t See.”

*”The Bell Still Rings For Me!

All of those are such sweet and memorable quotes from the Polar Express! I am sure there are more, but I can’t think of them at the moment!

Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

Let’s Make A Sign!

Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

This festive Polar Express Bell Quote Sign is easy to make and made with the circut machine!

  • Circut Machine
  • Blue Cutting Mat
  • Weeding Tool
  • Scraper Tool
  • paint brush
  • plastic paint drop sheet
  • 1 piece 12×12 sheet gold oracal 651 vinyl
  • 1 12×12 sheet transfer tape
  • 1 piece wood square (I got mine for 99 cents at Michaels)
  • 1 Bottle folkrt white matte paint
  • 1 Bottle folkart chalk nautical blue paint
  • 1 SVG or PNG file
  1. Lay out plastic drop sheet. Paint the outer rim and the back of the wood box with the blue paint. Let dry. Paint the inside of the box with the white paint. Let dry.

  2. Open design space. Upload the svg to design space. Set to the size of your wood box. Place the gold vinyl onto the blue cutting mat. Cut the design on vinyl setting. Weed.

  3. Use the transfer tape and place it over the weeded design. Scrape with the scraper tool.

  4. Peel back the design making sure it all sticks to the transfer tape. Place the design center into the box. Press down and scrape with scraper tool.

  5. Peel back slowly making sure the design sticks to the inside of the box.

  6. It's now ready to display on a tier or somewhere cute in your home!

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Polar Express Bell Quote Sign

Shopping List!

Where to buy the supplies you will need to make this holiday sign for your home:

*Cricut Machine

*Blue Cutting Mat

*Weeding Tool for Vinyl

*Scraping Tool for Vinyl

*12×12 sheet gold oracal 651 vinyl

*12×12 sheet transfer tape 

*1 wood square 

*folkart white matte paint

*folkart chalk nautical blue paint

*Paint Brushes 

*plastic paint drop sheet

*SVG or PNG file Click HERE to get it for FREE of course!

Let me know if you decide to make this cute and festive Polar Express Bell Quote Sign! I would love to know how it turned out!

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